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Do Trastevere like a local, complete with all the tastiest spots.

Italy is just as famous for its cuisine as it is for landmarks like the Colosseum and the Trevi Fountain. If you want to taste the best the country has to offer but you’re not quite sure where to start, you can’t beat a tour with a local who knows all the best spots. Our food walking tour takes place in Trastevere, Rome’s most bohemian district and home to some of its tastiest delicacies. You’ll get three hours to sample some of Italy’s best bites, so there’s no need to rush.

We’ll meet up at the Largo di Torre Argentina square and follow the tantalizing aroma of freshly-baked goods to your first stopping point, where you’ll enjoy a traditional Italian breakfast. You’ll learn that choosing and drinking coffee is a serious business in Italy, and you’ll also get to sample the best cream cornetti (croissants) in town.

Then, it’s straight to our next stop: The farm products market. Amid the colorful local delicacies and bustling activity, you’ll try a selection of quality cheese and meats, truffle and olive oils, spices, and vinegar. Basically, you’ll be living the dream.

After wandering through some of Rome’s most picturesque and tranquil streets, you’ll move on to the ultimate icon of Italian food: Pizza. Your guide will take you straight to the finest pizzeria in Rome to enjoy some pizza al taglio, all while learning about the fascinating history of pizza and how it’s made.

Finally — chin-chin — it’s time to raise your glass and let your feet up as you try three classic pasta dishes of various shapes, sizes, and sauces from a local chef.

You’ll end the day with gelato, the Italian ice cream also known as an edible work of art. This is found at none other than an original Roman gelateria, where each ice cream variety is still made without any artificial flavors or additives. Trust us — you can taste the difference. 

Itinerary (90 minutes)


  • Kickstart your tour with the most important meal for the day. Your guide will lead you through the etiquette of a proper Italian breakfast.

Pasta tasting

  • Try at least three types of pasta in the local osteria (an informal restaurant) for a true taste of Italy.

Pizza tasting

  • Sample various types of pizza in one of Rome’s oldest pizzerias — but make sure you leave some room in your stomach for our final stop.

Wine and cheese tasting

  • Finish End on a bang by tasting glasses of three Italian wines at an enoteca (wine bar). Trust us — you don’t need to enter a winery to find great wines.

Program (90 minutes)


Let’s start your day right with our expert guide and Italian breakfast. Our guide will lead you through all of the rules of a proper Italian breakfast.

Pasta Tasting

You will taste more than three types of pasta in the local Osteria.

Pasta Tasting
Pizza Tasting

Taste various types of pizza in one of the oldest pizzerias in Rome.

Pizza Tasting
Wine&Cheese Tasting

You don’t need to enter a winery to taste good wine. In Rome, you will visit EnotecaEnoteca, and we will taste three glasses of great Italian wines.

Wine&Cheese Tasting


  • Receive a guided food walking tour of Rome
  • Enjoy breakfast in a local bar
  • Hear interesting stories about Italian history and cuisine
  • Taste more than four types of pizza
  • Eat lunch in a famous osteria and try three types of pasta
  • Go wine and cheese tasting in an enoteca
  • Leave with a full stomach and great memories


Carefully planned walking tour
Expert local guide
Breakfast (and three other food tasting sessions)
Local tips
Italian history and cultural facts

      We had a great time in this experience. While the start was a little late, we enjoyed meeting other travelers. I couldn’t believe how good the pasta was that we made ourselves. Definitely an eye opening experience!

    thumb Benjamin

      This was an amazing, authentic and informative experience! The food tasted great and let us explore Roman culture and cuisine. We look forward to bringing our new skills home to cook for friends and family!

    thumb Dylan

      We had a great Pasta and Tiramisu making/cooking experience! It was excellent and we cannot wait to try to make both when we get home! The whole evening was fantastic! The chef was very thorough in explaining the processes and where pitfalls can happen during making the recipes. He was very patient with our attempts! I would recommend the Pasta and Tiramisu class to anyone looking to do something a little more hands on in Rome!

    thumb Jennifer

      Was a fun way to learn how to make pasta and tiramisu from scratch. The tiramisu we made was the best we had on our trip to Italy!

    thumb Daniel

      This was such a fun experience. We got to learn not only how to make the different dishes, but fact and knowledge about past and Italy you wouldn't normally learn from visiting. Igor was very knowledgeable and very passionate about cooking. They actually contacted us a few days before our class and offered for us to move classes because the first class we booked was full and they said it would be a better experience if we moved. We were able to change and ended up having a private class. It was very intimate. Igor was able to modify the menus based on our dietary needs and preferences which was amazing! Ive taken other Airbnb cooking classes where you are with a group of people and it seems very cookie cutter. Those classes were amazing and worked for us at the time but this was in a small, intimate restaurant and it just made the experience that much better. I can not recommend this experience enough!

    thumb Erica

      We had a lot of fun making our own pasta and tiramisu! The chef was great and sharing the experience with a small group of people was fun!

    thumb Jason

      GREAT value! I had a blast with Igor and learned a lot

    thumb Samantha

      Wonderful experience! Highly Recommend! Intimate setting. Not too many people. The chef had a great welcoming personality.
    5 stars!

    thumb Samantha

      What a great family experience. Igor was kind and made all ages feel welcome and comfortable. It was super hands on and we learned both about what we made as well as about things having to do w Italian culture and ingredients. A memorable experience!

    thumb Pablo + Fernanda