Starts at 10:30 AM daily (other times possible upon request)                               Via Celsa 14

Combine savory and sweet together in this delicious one-of-a-kind experience. 

Experience Italian cuisine like never before by trying your hand at two of the country’s most famous dishes: Pasta and tiramisu. In just two hours, an experienced chef will teach you the ropes in the kitchen of a real local restaurant. 

First, you’ll learn how to make the perfect homemade pasta and ravioli, complete with three different sauces to give your dish that extra oomph — carbonara, amatriciana, and cacio e pepe. You’ll also learn the secrets behind colored and stuffed pasta, which are notoriously tough to pull off.

Then, you’ll move on to Italy’s most famous dessert, the tiramisu. We’ll show you how to get the perfect balance of dairy, booze, and sweetness so your creation is restaurant-ready.

You’ll get to taste your tiramisu with a refreshing drink after. But this isn’t just a one-time thing — it’s your chance to develop the skill to create authentic Italian dishes from home for years to come.


  • Glass of prosecco (welcome drink)
  • Bruschetta
  • Pasta carbonara 
  • Pasta amatriciana 
  • Tiramisu 
  • Glass of wine or soft drink
  • Bottle of water

Itinerary (90 minutes)

Make homemade pasta and ravioli with ricotta and spinach

  • Experiment with fresh, authentic pasta of different shapes, sizes, and colors (with or without eggs). Whatever you’re after, we’ll teach you to do it.

Cook different sauces 

  • Learn how to make one of the three most beloved Roman sauces from scratch. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, why not try all three?

Create a classic Italian tiramisu 

  • No meal is complete without a dessert, so try your hand at one of Italy’s finest. You’ll discover different flavor combinations, including strawberry and chocolate.

Sample your creations

  • Food is for eating, so we wouldn’t deprive you of this ultimate joy. Tuck into your pasta, ravioli, tiramisu, and wine — it tastes better when you prepare it yourself.

Program (90 minutes)

Make homemade pasta and ravioli with ricotta and spinach

Learn how to make authentic, fresh Italian pasta (with or without eggs!) in different shapes, sizes, and colours.

Make homemade pasta and ravioli with ricotta and spinach
Cook different sauces in the kitchen

Choose one of the most beloved Roman sauces and get ready to cook it! You will learn how to make one or all three pasta sauces from scratch.

Cook different sauces in the kitchen
Make classic Italian tiramisu

You will make a traditional Italian dessert –  tiramisu and discover how to use flavor combinations – like strawberry, chocolate, and your favorite one!

Make classic Italian tiramisu
Taste your creations

It’s time to enjoy your creations. You will have lunch with your pasta, ravioli, tiramisu and wine tasting or soft drinks.

Taste your creations


  • Pasta and tiramisu lessons from a local chef in a small group
  • Lunch with wine tasting session
  • Apron, cooking equipment, and ingredients
  • eBook with recipes


Guidance from a local chef
Apron, cooking equipment, and ingredients
eBook with recipes
Lunch with wine tasting

      Pretty fun but wish they had more sauce options

    thumb Anthea

      This was an incredible experience! Such a beautiful location and the food was delicious. Must experience the magic if you can!

    thumb Reiley

      We had a lot of fun making our own pasta and tiramisu! The chef was great and sharing the experience with a small group of people was fun!

    thumb Jason

      Wonderful experience! Highly Recommend! Intimate setting. Not too many people. The chef had a great welcoming personality.
    5 stars!

    thumb Samantha

      We are a family of four with two children ages 9 and 11. What a wonderful experience. Everything was perfect from the beginning where we had a glass of prosecco and then kids had something as well while we had a great bruschetta snack, to the point where the family laughed while making pasta, all the way to finale where we ate until our hearts were content. Igor does a fantastic job at making this a safe, fun, and really great family experience. I would not only recommend it; I would take my family back and do it again.

    thumb Eric

      This was such a fun experience. We got to learn not only how to make the different dishes, but fact and knowledge about past and Italy you wouldn't normally learn from visiting. Igor was very knowledgeable and very passionate about cooking. They actually contacted us a few days before our class and offered for us to move classes because the first class we booked was full and they said it would be a better experience if we moved. We were able to change and ended up having a private class. It was very intimate. Igor was able to modify the menus based on our dietary needs and preferences which was amazing! Ive taken other Airbnb cooking classes where you are with a group of people and it seems very cookie cutter. Those classes were amazing and worked for us at the time but this was in a small, intimate restaurant and it just made the experience that much better. I can not recommend this experience enough!

    thumb Erica

      Learning to make pasta and gelato was an amazing experience with Igor. Igor is friendly and informative, and made it fun for all of us. I highly recommend this experience in Rome.

    thumb Lynn

      We had a great Pasta and Tiramisu making/cooking experience! It was excellent and we cannot wait to try to make both when we get home! The whole evening was fantastic! The chef was very thorough in explaining the processes and where pitfalls can happen during making the recipes. He was very patient with our attempts! I would recommend the Pasta and Tiramisu class to anyone looking to do something a little more hands on in Rome!

    thumb Jennifer

      Once in a lifetime experience! Super fun. Learned how to make pasta the RIGHT way, no machines. Food cooked was served at the end along with delicious gelato. 10/10!

    thumb Melissa