Starts every day at 10:30 AM                              Via Piazza Pasquino, 1 (Restaurant Pasquino)

How do you create real Italian pizza? Learn the secrets of this ancient culinary art with pizza and gelato class in Rome that turns you into a real pizzaiolo for one day!

When in Rome, join our FUN cooking class to discover how to make these iconic Italian creations! You will learn the step by step process of gelato making and select the best products available following specific guidelines. You will have a presentation and tasting of some of the various flavors used in gelato making.

Then it's time for PIZZA! Make, roll, and bake pizza in the oven with our professional pizza chef (pizzaiolo). You will learn how to make traditional yeast dough by kneading it to perfection. Then you will stretch it and bake in a real wood oven! smells amazing!

At the end of the class, you will taste your creations with your new friends and chef. You will get an E-Book of recipes so you can prepare your own pizza and gelato at home.

Every day at 10:30 AM

We hold the lesson with a small group, and it is an enjoyable and delicious experience!


○  Welcome drink - Glass of Prosecco

○  Bruschetta

○  Pizza

○  Chocolate gelato

○  The glass of wine and bottle of water

Program (90 minutes)

Gelato Making

Learn how to make classic Italian ice cream – gelato and discover how to select the right ingredients. Then you will create the gelato, adding milk, cream, eggs, and sugar.

Gelato Making
Dough Making

You will learn how to do a perfect pizza dough from our pizzaiolo.

Dough Making
Roll and Bake your pizza

After you have made a perfect dough, you will roll it and add your favorite local pizza toppings. The next step is to bake it in an authentic restaurant pizza oven.

Our pizzaiolo will explain how using a home oven is different, so that you can successfully make real Italian pizza at home!

Roll and Bake your pizza
Enjoy lunch with your new friends

It’s time to enjoy your creation. You will have lunch with your self-made pizza, gelato, and a choice of wine tasting or soft drinks.

Enjoy lunch with your new friends


    • Hands-on pizza and gelato making class at an Italian restaurant (just around the corner of Piazza Navona). 
    • Make your own Naples-style dough.
    • Learn how to choose ingredients and bake traditional Italian pizza in the oven.
    • Learn how to make authentic Italian gelato from scratch.
    • Enjoy a delicious lunch prepared by YOU!
    • Get your recipe booklet via email.
    • People describe this as a once-in-a-Lifetime experience.


Hands-on experience with a local Chef
Lunch with wine tasting
Aprons and all accessories for your cooking class
An E-Book with recipes

      Amazing experience! We were taught to make a variety of pasta and how they are paired with different sauces. Also made fresh gelato for dessert. It was the perfect lunch.

    thumb Tyra

      This was an amazing, authentic and informative experience! The food tasted great and let us explore Roman culture and cuisine. We look forward to bringing our new skills home to cook for friends and family!

    thumb Dylan

      Igor was very thoughtful of our needs and patiently taught all three of us, while explaining the details. This was a “must to do” experience in Italy! So glad we can here

    thumb Jyoti

      Very nice

    thumb Oleksii

      This was an incredible experience! Such a beautiful location and the food was delicious. Must experience the magic if you can!

    thumb Reiley

      This was a very fun (and delicious) experience. Igor is a very friendly and knowledgeable host who made us feel welcome and comfortable. He showed us how to make some truly amazing food in a fun and interactive way. He made sure we knew we could not only get the recipes we learned from him that day but ask him about other tips and foods as well, even after we return home from our trip. He was very friendly, conversing and laughing with us while we sat back and enjoyed the meal we had all prepared together. Highly recommended cooking class.

    thumb Lauren

      Igor's class felt like a once in a lifetime experience for my husband and I to end our honeymoon with. We arrived and were greeted with prosecco and told all about our experience, then started making gelato. From there we made our pasta and the sauces, and then dined in the beautiful restaurant and enjoyed our meal and dessert! Igor was so patient with us and explained everything so well. I'm confident that I can recreate these recipes and skills at home, which shows how good of a teacher he is!

    thumb Lauren

      GREAT value! I had a blast with Igor and learned a lot

    thumb Samantha

      Wonderful experience! Highly Recommend! Intimate setting. Not too many people. The chef had a great welcoming personality.
    5 stars!

    thumb Samantha