Starts at 10:30 AM daily                            Via Piazza Pasquino, 1 (Restaurant Pasquino)

What’s the first thing that enters your mind when you think of Italy? If you’re anything like the average person, it’s probably pizza. So, while you’re in Rome, ditch the fast food to learn how to make an authentic Italian pizza from scratch.

In our class, you’ll bake the dough, stretch it, sauce it, bake it, slice it, and — the best part of all — taste it.

The experience is about as hands-on as it gets, but you’ll be guided by our skilled pizzaiolo (pizza chef) every step of the way. He’ll teach you his time-honored secrets about the art of making the perfect pizza, along with the history of Italy’s most iconic creation.

Making your own pizza is a rewarding process, especially when that first bite melts in your mouth. And where better to do it than the heart of Rome itself?


  • Glass of prosecco (welcome drink)
  • Bruschetta
  • Pizza
  • Glass of wine or soft drink
  • Bottle of water

Itinerary (90 Minutes):

Making the dough

  • Learn how to make traditional Italian dough from scratch, along with tips for selecting the perfect ingredients. 

Rolling the dough

  • Discover different techniques for rolling your pizza and choosing the freshest, most delicious toppings.

Baking the pizza

  • Assemble and bake your pizza in a real restaurant’s oven. You’ll also learn how the process would work for a home oven so you can recreate the results in your own kitchen.

Tasting your creation

  • Enjoy your mouth-watering creation alongside bruschetta and wine (or soft drinks). You’ve earned it!

Program (90 minutes)

Making the dough

Learn how to select perfect ingredients and make a traditional Italian dough from your “Pizzaiolo” guru, who will reveal all of the secrets and explain his methods.

Making the dough
Rolling out the pizza dough

Roll your pizza in different ways and learn the tricks of choosing delicious toppings, using only the freshest and best ingredients.

Rolling out the pizza dough
Baking your pizza

Once you have assembled your pizzas, you will bake your pizza in a real restaurant’s oven. We will explain the differences with home ovens so that you will be able to make delicious authentic Italian pizza in your kitchen successfully.

Baking your pizza
Taste your creation

It’s time to enjoy your delicious pizza. You will have lunch consisting of pizza, bruschetta, and a choice of wine tasting or soft drinks.

Taste your creation


  • Make pizza at an Italian restaurant in the heart of Rome (near Piazza Navona)
  • Learn how to make paper-thin yeast dough
  • Follow traditional recipes
  • Meet a real pizzaiolo (and discover trade secrets)
  • Enjoy a delicious lunch with new friends
  • Get a digital recipe booklet via email


Guidance from a local chef
Apron, cooking equipment, and ingredients
eBook with recipes
Lunch with wine tasting

      This was an incredible experience! Such a beautiful location and the food was delicious. Must experience the magic if you can!

    thumb Reiley

      Great & tasty learning experience! Amazing and friendly hosts !!

    thumb Nicholas

      Was a fun way to learn how to make pasta and tiramisu from scratch. The tiramisu we made was the best we had on our trip to Italy!

    thumb Daniel

      This was such a fun experience. We got to learn not only how to make the different dishes, but fact and knowledge about past and Italy you wouldn't normally learn from visiting. Igor was very knowledgeable and very passionate about cooking. They actually contacted us a few days before our class and offered for us to move classes because the first class we booked was full and they said it would be a better experience if we moved. We were able to change and ended up having a private class. It was very intimate. Igor was able to modify the menus based on our dietary needs and preferences which was amazing! Ive taken other Airbnb cooking classes where you are with a group of people and it seems very cookie cutter. Those classes were amazing and worked for us at the time but this was in a small, intimate restaurant and it just made the experience that much better. I can not recommend this experience enough!

    thumb Erica

      Super fun, everything was set out and ready for us. Fresh made pasta was delicious, Marco was a great teacher, location was easy to find.

    thumb Yan-Xin

      Very nice

    thumb Oleksii

      This was an enjoyable class, but we had some issues in that the chef didn’t speak English as expected. There was eventually a translator but this was after some confusion at the beginning. The pasta was great and the chef was very knowledgeable. If I would have a suggested improvement it would be that there would be more instruction during the cooking process.

    thumb Clay

      Amazing experience! We were taught to make a variety of pasta and how they are paired with different sauces. Also made fresh gelato for dessert. It was the perfect lunch.

    thumb Tyra

      Excellent experience! We had a lot of fun and easy to find location in city

    thumb Ellie