Start at 10:30 AM(or upon request)                              Via Piazza Pasquino, 1 (Restaurant Pasquino)

When in Rome, take the time to discover how to make the most delicious pizza in the world and traditional Italian tiramisu during our 2-hours pizza and tiramisu making class.

You begin with the preparation of tiramisu made with traditional cream from scratch. Our chef will show you how to choose different varieties of classic tiramisu.

Then you will learn a step by step recipe on how to make an authentic Italian dough for pizzas with your pizzaiolo. The chef will be happy to guide you through all of the secrets of this creation and show you the variety of different toppings, including your favorites!

When the dough is complete, we will practice rolling the pizza, filling toppings, and then finally bake it in the restaurant's oven for an authentic touch.

At the end of the class, you will enjoy lunch with your new friends and a yummy meal that you just made with your own hands!

 We hold the lesson with a small group, and it is an enjoyable and delicious experience!


○  Welcome drink - Glass of Prosecco

○  Bruschetta

○  Pizza

○  Tiramisu

○  The glass of wine and bottle of water

Program (90 minutes)

Tiramisu Making

You will make a classic Italian dessert –  tiramisu – and discover how to use flavor combinations – like strawberry, chocolate, and your favorite ones!

Tiramisu Making
Dough for Pizza Making

You will learn how to make perfect pizza dough from our experienced pizzaiolo.

Dough for Pizza Making
Roll and Bake you pizza

When the dough is ready, you will roll it and fill your pizza with your favorite toppings. Then bake it in the real restaurant’s oven. The pizzaiolo will tell you differences with home ovens so you will be able to make authentic Italian pizza in your kitchen.

Roll and Bake you pizza
Have a Lunch with new friend

It’s time to enjoy your creation. You will have lunch with your pizza, tiramisu, and a choice of wine tasting or soft drinks.

Have a Lunch with new friend


  • Hands-On pizza and tiramisu making class at an Italian restaurant (just around the corner of Piazza Navona).
  • Make your own Naples-style dough
  • Learn how to choose ingredients and bake traditional Italian pizza
  • Learn how to make classic tiramisu from scratch
  • Enjoy delicious lunch made by YOU!
  • Get your Recipe Booklet via email
  • People describe this as a once-in-a-Lifetime experience


Hands-on experience with a local Chef
Lunch and Wine tasting
Aprons and all accessories for cooking class
An E-Book with recipes

      Amazing experience! We were taught to make a variety of pasta and how they are paired with different sauces. Also made fresh gelato for dessert. It was the perfect lunch.

    thumb Tyra

      Igor hosted us for a lovely evening of cooking, drinking Prosecco, and eating delicious Italian food. The restaurant is a special place!

    thumb Max

      What a great experience! I don't typically eat pasta but I am now a lifelong fan. Great memories and they made us feel so at home! Highly recommend booking an experience with them. You will not be disappointed!

    thumb Jason

      Igor was very thoughtful of our needs and patiently taught all three of us, while explaining the details. This was a “must to do” experience in Italy! So glad we can here

    thumb Jyoti

      This was an amazing, authentic and informative experience! The food tasted great and let us explore Roman culture and cuisine. We look forward to bringing our new skills home to cook for friends and family!

    thumb Dylan

      Great experience!

    thumb Gil

      GREAT value! I had a blast with Igor and learned a lot

    thumb Samantha

      Wonderful experience! Highly Recommend! Intimate setting. Not too many people. The chef had a great welcoming personality.
    5 stars!

    thumb Samantha

      Very nice

    thumb Oleksii